My Brother’s Bar, the oldest bar in Denver, continuously serving fine beers and spirits since 1873.


While the names have changed over these 145 years, “Brother’s” has been in operation since 1970.

Fifty years ago, Jim and Angelo Karagas took a journey west, from their hometown of Detroit, Michigan, to Denver, Colorado. After looking around for an affordable business they could purchase, they settled on Whitey’s, now known as My Brother’s Bar. 

The story of the name comes from the early days, when it was basically a two man operation: Jim and Angelo would share the job duties, one behind the bar, the other in the kitchen; then they would swap places the next day. When a vendor would come by to collect payment, it became a catch phrase: “Don’t look at me, it’s my brother’s bar”.

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2376 15th St.
Denver CO 80202
at 15th and Platte



Monday thru Saturday
11 am – 2 am

Closed Sundays